Sunday, October 25, 2009

Squire's Castle

I took advantage of the gorgeous fall weather we had last week to take a few hikes and snap some photos. Northeast Ohio is home to the Cleveland Metroparks, a spectacular park system. One of my favorite spots to hike is in the North Chagrin Reservation, home to Squire's Castle. I love the front lawn of the property, perfect for picnics or a game of frisbee. There were plenty of others enjoying the warm sunny afternoon.

Squire's Castle is located in the North Chagrin Reservation of the Cleveland Metroparks in Willoughby Hills, Ohio (visible from River Road). It was built in the 1890s by Feargus B. Squire for use as the gatekeeper's house for his future country estate, which was never built. Squire, a founder of Standard Oil Company, bought the surrounding 525 acres of land but never completed the project. Squire sold the property in 1922 and the Cleveland Metroparks acquired it in 1925. Squire's Castle has acquired a sense of mystery. It is reportedly haunted by Squire's wife, Rebecca. An urban legend says she tripped and broke her neck there, but in reality, she died in Wickliffe, Ohio, in 1929.

My first visits to Squire were many years ago with my Girl Scout troup. We'd camp at Intergrove Cabin in the park and visit the castle.We just loved sitting around the fire telling ghost stories!

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