Friday, April 30, 2010

Monkey Business!

There's something about sock monkeys that just make me smile!  Who can resist those big ears and arms just waiting for a big hug!  Here's a picture of a few of my sock monkeys - I even have a sock turtle!

I did a search on ETSY and found the cutest little guys that I just had to share.  Please take some time to visit the shops of these artists ~ you'll find lots of great items.

First up is the classic red-heeled sock monkey by Chadley of Terrace Hill.  Everyone needs one of these classic monkeys!  In addition to sock monkeys, Chadley makes fabulous vintage inspried aprons.

Need a bit of sunshine?  Check out this Citrus Stripe monkey created by Dawn of Sunset Girl.  If this guy doesn't put a smile on you face, then nothing will!   Dawn's shop is filled with colorful sock monkeys and birds!  Love them!

The final monkey to share is this soft and cuddly Peaches and Cream monkey from The Monkey Shop.  Dulce creates the cutest monkeys in all sizes and colors.  It was hard to choose just one to show you, but this guy stole my heart!

Thank you to Chadley, Dawn and Dulce for allowing me to share their creations! 
Kathy ♥

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