Monday, May 3, 2010

Homemade Vanilla Extract

Here's a great recipe for vanilla extract.  This is one of my favorite DIY projects.  You'll never use store-bought extract after you've made this!  These make great gifts too!

I used Tahitian vanilla beans, which are readily available via the internet. I bought my bottle at World Market. Sorry for the poor quality of my picture, not sure why I couldn't get a clear picture.... my extract is low and I just haven't gotten around to getting more vodka.

vodka (any type will do)
1 vanilla bean per 1/3 cup of vodka
glass jar/bottle with lid

Split each lengthwise with sharp knife or scissors. Drop beans into the bottle and fill with vodka. That's it! Store in a cool dark place from 1 to 3 months, giving them a shake every once in a while.  The extract will continue to get darker and more aromatic over time. As you use the extract, add more vodka. The beans won't go bad - the alcohol acts as a preservative.

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  1. Thanks for posting this, I'm going to try it. Much better than realizing you can't make cupcakes because you used all your vanilla