Sunday, April 8, 2012

DIY Craft Show Earring Display

A couple weeks ago I posted a few tips for selling at a craft show.  You'll find that post here.  I needed something to display my earrings on and didn't want to spend a lot of money.  I wanted to make sure that my display didn't distract too much from earrings themselves.  I also needed something that had some height to it.  After searching and not finding anything I liked, I decided to make my own. 

  • 2 framed cork boards.  Mine were 11x17 inches  (I purchased them at Joann Fabrics.  With a 50% coupon, it was less than $6 for both)
  • 2 sets of hinges
  • ribbon (mine was 1/2 inch)
  • staple gun
 (1)  Attach the 2 boards with the hinges.  Make sure you decide how you want the boards to fold before attaching the hinges.

(2)  Cut strips of ribbon and decide how far apart you want them.  I measured the space between the ribbon and taped them temporarily to the boards.

(3)  Use a staple gun to attach the ribbon to the boards. 

Here is the board lying flat. 

The nice thing is that it can be folded for travel and storage.  I kept the background as the corkboard, but you could cover it with paper or fabric before putting on the ribbon if you want a different background. 

The finished display:

And here's the final display at my show!  It's the perfect display to use with my new earring cards.

This was a quick project and something I can use again!


  1. Great Idea! I was looking for craft show earring displays for an upcoming show I'm doing and came across your blog and I'm so happy I did:) thanks so much for easy to understand instructions too!

  2. Hi! How did you put the earrings on the board?

    please feel free to e-mail me at!


  3. Love this idea!! I always end up with some rigged up display and hate them. This is so cute and professional looking. Think I'll make several, could even pin bracelets and necklaces up on them too. Thanks a bunch!!

  4. Hi! I'm searching for an idea to make my own display and I love this one! I was jut wondering how did you put the earring cards on the ribon? I would really appreciate if you could explain me. My email is

  5. I want to be clued in on how you hooked it to the ribbon too!

  6. This is an absolutely perfect solution for those of us who are not at a lot of craft shows...doing my first one in December and do not want to spend a fortune on displays.
    I made a tree display from a dead shrub in my yard mounted in an unused terra cotta bowl filled with plaster of paris. You guys are too much fun!!! I love to visit your blogs!! Thank you for all of your sharing! NaturelaysNiche

  7. The cards are folded over the ribbon I'm assuming :)

  8. you can buy earring card adapters from riogrande

  9. This was a lifesaver for me, thank you so much! Needed last minute inexpensive displays. supplies were easy to find and they turned out so cute. <3

  10. Wonderful idea - I just made new table covers with chocolate brown with linen toppers & this will be perfect.

  11. How did you get the ribbon tight enough to keep it from sagging?

  12. For the ribbon, I just pulled tight and stapled it on the back. I used my husband's stapler which is stronger.

  13. I'd also like to know how earring cards are attached to ribbon

  14. Hi this is a awesome idea. I'm wondering also how did you attach the earring cards to the ribbon please and thank you. My email address is I'm definitely going to make this. Thank you

  15. I am also interested in how the earrings stay on the ribbon. My email is