Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Top 10 Tips For Craft Show Vendors

It’s that time of year again!  Fall arts and craft shows!  I love being both a shopper and vendor at shows.  I do a handful of shows a year and thought I’d share my top 10 list of advice for vendors.

1)  Make sure all items are tagged.  Some shoppers may feel uncomfortable having to ask for the price.  I purchase the business cards and tags I use at shows on ETSY.

2)  If you have a smart phone, use a credit card reader.  I use Square which offers a free reader when you sign up.   

3)  Have items in a wide price range to appeal to a variety of shoppers.  I usually have a bowl of earrings that are $10 or less which is always fun and popular.  

4)  Create a display with a cohesive design that represents the 'look and feel' of your product.  I use a solid suede-like piece of fabric as my table cover.  It’s a nice shade of brown which looks good as the backdrop to my jewelry.  I stay away from prints because my items will get lost in the design.  I used to use an ivory backdrop but then realized that my items just weren’t ‘popping’.  Also try not to be too cluttered, like this picture from my first craft show:

5)  Group 'like' items together if you're selling jewelry items or something similar.  I'll display my items in groupings by color or gemstone .... that way if someone is interested in a turquoise necklace, they'll see a complimenting pair of earrings or bracelet.  

6)  Use unique items to create different display on your table.  Try to have some of your items elevated.  Think outside the box…. Mirrors, vintage luggage, cake plates, picture frames can all become unique ways to display your items.  Here are some examples of displays from a home show I did last year:

7) Make your displays!  You don't have to spend a lot of money.  Here's my post from earlier this year with DIY instructions for an earring display:  DIY Earring Display

8)  If you can, bring a helper!  It’s amazing how all at once multiple people are ready to check out and others have questions!  It will also give you a chance to browse the show and take a restroom break. 

9)  Be approachable!  Don’t stay seated behind your display. Take time to go in front of your table and tidy up your displays... and chat with customers while you're there.  You can be friendly to customers without being over-bearing or pushy.

10)  Good luck and most important, have fun!  


  1. Good points! I often leave if prices aren't posted! Or I'll get disappointed if it's way more than what I thought it might be.

    1. Do I have to price every item or can I just use a placard to price items in specific areas on my table?