Friday, January 25, 2013

Blue Sky!

Today there are spots of bright blue sky and sun popping out from the clouds!  More snow and gray skies are predicted for this weekend.  It's still bitter cold, but that bit of sun can really be uplifting.

Blue is one of my favorite colors to work with.  Blue gemstones such as turquoise, chalcedony and lapis look so pretty against sterling silver.  Here are a few of my favorites in my ETSY shop.


  1. I decided to write a thorough review, but it's great to say in a short manner: cool!

  2. Oooh! I love blue, too! I had no idea you had an etsy shop...yeah, I'm a little slow sometimes! :-D Love all of your creations above, especially the chalcedony-looking earrings! ♥