Wednesday, June 20, 2012

ETSY Finds: Wedding Sparkle

I've been busy making earrings for bridal parties.  My top selling earrings are simple but add lots of sparkle!  These can be found in my ETSY shop.

Here are other items you'll find on ETSY with lots of sparkle.  These artists have shops filled with wedding items in vaious colors and themes.... check them out!

* * *

Rhinestone and Pearl Belt by Something Ivory

* * *

Shotgun Casing Cuff Links by Key of A

* * *

Vintage Purse by Chrysalis e-Shop

* * *

Shoe Clips by Daisyclub Crafts

* * *

Rhinestone Beaded Braclet by Untamed Petals

* * *

Monogram Cake Topper by The Panache Bride

1 comment:

  1. Key of A thanks you for including our Winchester cuff links! These are a popular choice among our brides and grooms this season! These can be filled with any color Swarovski to match the wedding party. We also have all calibers of shotgun and bullet casings available in our shop!